Cable Marking 
Raychem - heat shrink marking equipment
Brother, Zebra - label making machines
Kroy - heat transfer marking printer

Testing Equipment 
Cirris - cable tester Model 1000
Fluke - true RMS tester
Various continuity testers

Overmolding Equipment 
Yudak 55 ton 
Autojectors 10 ton   

Wire Termination 
AMP - K press
AMP - G press
Berg - terminal crimper Molex - TM 42 (2), TM 2000 (2), TM 3000
Connex - pneumatic coax ferrule crimper
Various Molex, AMP, and Berg hand crimpers   

Wire Preparation 
Schleuniger - wire cutter and stripper Models EC9300 and OS9400
Eubanks - wire cutter and stripper Model 2600
Flat wire and tubing cutters -  AMTI  Model 130 and Eubanks Model 4600
Ideal - rotary wire stripper 
Carpenter, Schleuniger - three stage coax strippers
Assorted handtools

Mission Statement

* This list represents only a partial listing of current TND equipment. 

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